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Alyssa McCarthy


Full Name: Alyssa Caitlin McCarthy

Ethnicity: Irish-American

Gender: Female

Born: April 17th, 1997

Physical Description: Straight pale-blonde hair a few inches past the hips, narrow shoulders, somewhat short for age

Warning: spoilers!



Alyssa Caitlin McCarthy is the main character of the “Alyssa McCarthy’s Magical Missions” series and an only child born to Clara Jane and Ashton Joseph McCarthy. She is also a niece of Laura and Bruce Flynn and cousin to Hailey Elizabeth Flynn. She is the goddaughter of Alexander Scott Kress, whom she longs for as a guardian in “The Frights of Fiji”. Alyssa lived a straightforward life until January 15th, 2005, when her parents lost their lives in a car crash. She was sent to live with her aunt, Laura, and uncle, Bruce. After losing Aunt Laura February 14th, 2007, Uncle Bruce toughened up his attitude and rules on Alyssa and Hailey. On March 18th, 2010, Alyssa discovers magic’s existence as well as a sorcerer out to hunt her down. Her life changes from there.


Early Life:


Alyssa was born in Morristown, New Jersey and lived her first seven years in a suburb nearby called Spikeville.

By about three, Alyssa’s mother wanted to help Alyssa grow longer, thicker hair. The locks reached just past the shoulders when Alyssa turned three. Clara would put oils and teach Alyssa proper haircare at four years old. Alyssa’s tresses remained long since then, but didn’t reach her hips till late first grade.

When Alyssa started kindergarten in the 2002-2003 schoolyear, her mom put coconut oil in her hair on the first day. The other children on the bus smelled it.

That being said, Alyssa discovered her mild peanut allergy in the middle of kindergarten, when her class did a peanut-butter-and-jelly-making day. She had an allergic reaction trying a sandwich, and was rushed to the nurse. The allergy was confirmed with a blood test. Not only was Alyssa allergic to nuts, but so was her father. Unlike hers, his allergy was severe. So, the house had no peanut products and they had to be careful in public places.

While Alyssa spent more time with her mom, she favored her dad more. Her mom was somewhat strict and a health freak. Her dad had more of a fun personality. While Clara was against having a dog, Ashton suggested getting a rabbit. When Alyssa was four, her parents surprised her with a black and white rabbit and let her name the creature. She chose Ring Ding. Ring Ding lived till Alyssa started second grade, when he lost his life from a lung infection.

A month after Alyssa’s fifth birthday, she met Alex Kress. Her mom introduced him to her and said that he was going to be her godfather. Alyssa formed a bond with Alex. He would occasionally bring up her faith, but would spend more time having fun with her. He would take her out and play with her.  


Becoming an Orphan:


On the night of January 15th, 2005, Clara and Ashton were going out to meet some friends for dinner. Alyssa’s 19-year-old babysitter, Emily, was left to watch her. As the parents backed out of the driveway, Alyssa showed Emily a snowman she made…until 22-year-old Derrick Wesley, crashed into the McCarthys’ car. Emily, knowing that the severe accident would traumatize Alyssa and affect her brain development (Emily’s parents were psychologists), covered Alyssa’s ears and eyes the second after the crash happened. Of course, at 7 years old, Alyssa wrestled with Emily and begged her to let her see. As soon as the accident stopped, Emily and Alyssa rushed outside. The cops and other emergency vehicles showed up. After investigating the accident, a cop told Emily and Alyssa that the parents were dead.

Alyssa, of course, burst into tears. As that happened, Emily told the cops that she wanted Alyssa to stay at her aunt and uncle’s house minutes away. She begged them, since they were a bit resistant. But Emily told them that she babysat Hailey, Alyssa’s cousin, and that she wanted Alyssa to stay there instead of somewhere else. She even called Aunt Laura’s cell phone to tell her the tragic news and if it was okay for Alyssa to stay with her, Uncle Bruce, and Hailey. Aunt Laura said it was fine and spoke to the police. The officer gave the green light and allowed Emily to drive Alyssa to her aunt and uncle’s house.

The funeral for Alyssa’s parents occurred two days later, which was a Monday. Emily, Alex, and many people who had relations to Clara and Ashton attended it. Alyssa’s three best friends that she’d met in kindergarten, Harmony, Daisy, and Imani, came to the funeral as well and were made to show their condolences to Alyssa. After the mourning event, Alyssa and Hailey were exempt from school for two weeks.

When Alyssa started school in Bursnell, New Jersey, her new 2nd-grade teacher, Mrs. Arbuckle, knew that she’d recently been orphaned. So, Mrs. Arbuckle planned to give the class as little downtime as possible. However, even then, Alyssa would cry over her parents’ deaths in class and other kids would be mean to her about it. She’d sometimes see the school social worker or psychologist to learn how to cope with her grief.

Unfortunately, children would continue to complain or be unkind when Alyssa wept for the next few weeks. Despite constant warnings and even re-assigning seats, Mrs. Arbuckle yelled at the entire class, made them apologize to Alyssa, and then took away recess for that day. While Alyssa met with the psychologist, the rest of Mrs. Arbuckle’s class sat in the auditorium without being allowed to speak or use any distractions. They also got phone calls to their parents. Alyssa made no friends until the 3rd grade.


Another Tragic Life Turn


When Alyssa was in fourth grade, Aunt Laura was class mom for Hailey, who was in third grade. The two bought her chocolates as a gift. Unfortunately, Aunt Laura got a severe allergic reaction from accidentally touching a raspberry piece. She died before she could make it to the hospital.

Many people who attended Alyssa’s parents’ funeral came back for Aunt Laura’s. However, some people, like Alex, couldn’t be contacted easily again. Uncle Bruce’s depression made him toughen up his attitude and rules on Alyssa and Hailey, although he was always the kind to be unpleasing (Alyssa didn’t like to talk to him when her parents were around), but not as much when Aunt Laura was alive.

Like in second grade, Alyssa's classmates complained when she cried over Aunt Laura's death. But neither happened as much. Some kids who were in her second-grade class defended her when other children criticized her for weeping, but they only did it so that they wouldn't lose recess, not because they cared about Alyssa's feelings.

Uncle Bruce forbade unearned fun, junk food, or even social plans. And earning them took beyond the effort Alyssa and Hailey could achieve. He also disconnected his TV and didn’t allow the girls to use the phone, except during emergencies, or the computer, except for schoolwork. He hired a cranky babysitter, Mrs. Hutchinson, who made the girls work like crazy and gave them few breaks.

Other events that happened included Uncle Bruce pulling Alyssa out of her dance classes because the teacher gave them lollipops. Candy was forbidden. So was trick-or-treating at Halloween, as well as cake on their birthdays (they had to even earn birthday celebrations, and even then, they’d get a single gift, but no sweets). Alyssa wasn’t allowed to stay for refreshments after her grade school moving-up ceremony, which was sixth grade. Eventually, Uncle Bruce found recess and other fun activities at school to be interfering with the girls’ okay grades. So, he got a homeschooling license to educate both of them.

Despite Uncle Bruce’s attitude, as well as those he let watch Alyssa and Hailey, they still had friends and teachers at school who supported them and were nice.


Discovering Magic


In March 2010, Alyssa sees a written message outside the kitchen window, saying that her life would change as magic would come. No adult believes her. Only Hailey stands by her side at that point. More instances occur until Mrs. Hutchinson receives marks on her face and there is a magic note saying that Alyssa and Hailey did them. Uncle Bruce blames them, even though they didn’t create the marks, fires Mrs. Hutchinson, and grounds Alyssa and Hailey.

The next day Alyssa meets an English marble figure, named Simon, who warns her about the sorcerer out to hunt her. A storm happens when Alyssa and Hailey go to Uncle Bruce’s nice friend, Mrs. Wilson’s house, where they meet her children, Leon and Jasmine. When Uncle Bruce picks up Hailey and Alyssa, he reveals that he saw Simon’s note, apologizes, and ungrounds the girls.

However, the next day, Uncle Bruce wakes up with no memories. Not long after, the sorcerer, Master Beau, kidnaps Alyssa to Fiji. He takes her into his dark magic center, but a good enchantress, Isabelle Cunningham, rescues Alyssa. She, her boyfriend, Mathias Williams, and Simon, shelter Alyssa in an enchanted tent.

Alyssa discovers dangerous magical creatures, including a snake (which she fears greatly), but also good ones, such as Regulus the marshakeet (half rainbow lorikeet and half kangaroo, the size of a horse). After several catastrophes, Alyssa defeats Master Beau and returns to New Jersey, where she stays with Hailey’s grandparents, who let her call them Kathleen and Donald.


A New Life


When Alyssa turns 13, she not only gets to have a birthday party (and eat cake), but she also reunites with her godfather, Alex, whom she hadn’t seen in a few years. The next day, Alex takes her to live with him in Ohio. However, they have to move again after Alex loses his job and gets offered one in Illinois. From there, Alyssa meets new friends, gets to go to dance classes, and again and has a happy life again.

Alex allows Alyssa freedom and independence, but also has rules for her and expects responsibility. She has to make her bed when she doesn't have school, help take care of the dog, Scooter, do her own laundry, and not leave dishes in the sink. She also cannot use the stove or oven unless Alex is home. 

While Alex lets her get a smart phone in place of a flip phone, he insists on waiting until her 14th birthday in April and maintaining good grades at school in order to have her own computer.

That being said, Alex and Alyssa do form a sweet bond. Alex provides loving care for Alyssa. He is affectionate, both physically and verbally. Alyssa loves him as a father figure, but also craves a motherly figure, as well.

Within six months, Alyssa and Alex's relationship are like father and daughter. Alex is willing to hold Alyssa and let her cry into his chest at times when she has gone through something horrible as well as sleep on his lap. That does take a few months from when Alyssa moves in with Alex.

In between, Alyssa meets her new friends, Sydney and Lily on her bus. Then she also meets her crush, Zachary, her other friend, Krystal, and the other girls in Lily and Sydney's squad. The kids guide Alyssa through middle school life by teaching her how to use a combination lock, getting into the routine of going to different classes and on time, and more. Alyssa, however, is a little socially awkward since she has been homeschooled for months. By the end of seventh grade, though, Alyssa has caught up.

Alyssa also goes to dance camp, where she revives her dance skills. She and Alex then travel to South Carolina for a week in the late summer. 

Another Situation with Sorcery

In October 2010, magic is reintroduced into Alyssa’s life. A skeleton named Errol curses her with involuntary magic that she needs to remove. She accidentally releases magic at her backyard party, and things turn upside down from there.

At school, Alyssa does magic during English class while struggling to present something, which lands her in detention and causes her to fail her presentation assignment. Her teacher, Mr. Godfrey, allows her an opportunity to drop the F she got as long as she gets at least a B.

Alyssa practices with that, as well as boosting her confidence and bravery levels measured by an enchanted device called a skillometer. Her three best friends, Lily, Sydney, and Krystal, help. So does her crush, Zachary, who invites her to assist him with a fundraising dance.

Alex is hesitant to let Alyssa do extracurricular activities while she has her curse, which lands her in detention a few more times until she attends her class trip to Ruth’s Botanical Gardens. Magic wax figures attack her group, and she fights them off. However, the principal, Mr. Tansill, suspends Alyssa until she can remove her powers. Otherwise, she will be expelled. Alyssa blames Errol for the wax figures, but it turns out that Alyssa had caused them to come due to invisible magic from her feet, only hinting with itching. From that point on, Alyssa practices more with her needed skills to rid herself of her sorcery.

However, she gets punished for illegally recording Sydney’s soccer game, gets bitten by an enchanted lizard that causes her to physically weaken, and is magically tortured by a man named Mr. Wagner. Other instances of dangerous wizardry occur for a while. Then Errol freezes Alyssa’s loved ones and makes others unable to acknowledge or remember her. But when the time comes, Alyssa defeats Errol, which unfreezes everyone and undoes many other bad things that had happened. Alyssa receives an A on her English do-over and helps Zachary at his event.

Personality Traits

Alyssa is naive and sensitive, but also determined, fierce, and brave. She is great with animals, as well. Much of her development was inspired by the Disney princesses. She has a good relationship with Hailey, whom she considers the closest thing to a sibling, even though they're cousins. She is also close to Alex once settled in with him and finds him to be the closest thing to a parent who loves her like a daughter. That being said, Alyssa does long for a motherly figure, which she never truly finds. Even Alex's mom and cousin don't feel maternal to Alyssa.

Although her friendships aren't perfect, Alyssa does act differently around them than she does around Alex as well as her relatives. Alyssa acts anxious and giggly around her crush, Zachary for a while, including in the fall of 2010, several months after she has met him. She has a good relationship with Mr. Godfrey in the events of "A Curse of Mayhem". However, she finds Mr. Tansill, the principal, intimidating and unfair.

Skills and talents

Alyssa participates in ballet, tap, and jazz dancing outside school. She did horseback riding for a little bit when she was 8 to 9 years old, but had to stop after something happened. She also enjoys cooking, and is allowed to learn once Alex is her guardian. At school, Alyssa takes chorus, in both middle and high school. She also does art and culinary clubs as well as kickline in high school.