Check out these facts about my books:

Book 1:

Jasmine Wilson and her family are Indian Christian. I said that in earlier drafts, but it didn't make it to the final cut.

Where is Mr. Wilson, you might ask? He and Mrs. Wilson divorced when Jasmine was eight and Leon was two.

The name of the Kaitlyn Jennings's friend at the housewarming party is Meghan.

Book 2:

Originally, Errol was going to be named Peril until editors said he wasn't evil enough.

Errol was inspired by the Grim Reaper

Originally, Alyssa was going to breathe air when she did involuntary magic. But after I watched Disney's "Frozen", I decided to have it come out of her hands.

The name of Alex's deceased girlfriend was Chandler Day.

Scooter, Alex's dog, was a couple weeks away from turning 1.

Simon the English marble figure was inspired by the cupids in Night at the Museum 2.

Alex, Alyssa's godfather, was inspired by Sirius Black from Harry Potter. And he is NOT her uncle! He has NO blood relation to her whatsoever! He dated Alyssa's mom! Please get this fact right! Thank you!

Alyssa is NOT a teenager in this story! I've stated at least a few times in the text that you become a teenager at 13 and you're not a teenager at 12. Please stop calling her a teenager! Why are so many of you calling her a teenager when she is not yet 13? 12 is still younger child/tween/preteen. You're not a teenager unless you're between 13 and 19. That's supposed to be common knowledge. Your age has to end in "teen" in order to be a teenager. Until Alyssa turns 13, she is NOT a teen; she is a tween/preteen/pure child.

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