• Sunayna Prasad

Fan "Theories" Debunked

1: To the person who said that I write without planning: that is untrue. I am a big planner. I cannot write without an outline or something in advance to plan. Otherwise, I can't write.

2: To those who say my books have few to no magic limits: Not true at all. Just because the possibilities were relevant, especially when first being introduced, that doesn't mean it's limitless. And just because I've only mentioned a few limits, that does not mean those are the only limits. There are LOTS of limits. They just weren't relevant at those moments. You can find them on another post here. They will be added to my stories as needed. At the very least, I will say there are lots of limits in my future books.

3: To all who have called Alex Kress Alyssa's uncle: He is NOT. He is strictly and exclusively her godfather and has NO blood relation to Alyssa or anybody in her family. I only refer to him as her godfather in every book, and include a backstory on how he and Alyssa's mom dated, broke up, and didn't talk in years. Just because he was granted legal custody over her, that doesn't mean he's her uncle. Alyssa only calls him Alex, and he's only referred to as her godfather.


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