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Meet Madison Jennings


Madison Jennings

Full Name: Madison Christine Jennings

Ethnicity: Irish-Catholic

Gender: Female

Born: June 29th, 1997

Physical Description: Long, dark brown waves

Madison is Alyssa's friend from elementary school, starting from 4th grade up until Alyssa leaves the day after her 13th birthday. While the two remain in touch via social media, Alyssa drifts apart from Madison in 9th grade.

Madison has ADD and had trouble controlling it until she was 9. Therefore, she and Alyssa didn't become friends until then. They remain friendly with each other, even after Alyssa and her cousin, Hailey, get homeschooled. She moves onto Draco Drive, off Orion Street, at the beginning of "The Frights of Fiji." Madison is energetic and enthusiastic, but also irresponsible as she keeps losing her iPod.

Like Alyssa, Madison gets abducted to Fiji by the powerful warlock, Master Beau.

Early life:

Madison was born late June 1997 in Trenton, New Jersey. Her sister, Kaitlyn, was born four years later May 28th, 2000. Madison attended a local preschool and then Bursnell Elementary in 2002. She had behavioral issues due to her ADD. She was also diagnosed with that disorder the same year.

Knowing Alyssa:

Although Madison knew Alyssa beginning in Kindergarten, the two didn't talk to each other a lot for a few years. When Alyssa's parents died in a car crash a couple years after, Madison did not attend the funeral. Not only because of their lack in friendship, but also that Mr. and Mrs. Jennings didn't think that she would behave there. That being said, she did go to Alyssa's aunt, Laura's funeral, two years after since they'd become friends by then.

But she and Alyssa had only half a year to hang out until March 2010. Alyssa's Uncle, Bruce, had toughened up his attitude and made his rules more unfair. One of them forbid unearned fun, including social plans.

Shortly after Alyssa discovers magic, Madison has moved to her neighborhood. Madison greets Alyssa and her cousin, Hailey. She reveals that she goes to Catholic School and invites the two to her housewarming party. When Uncle Bruce loses his memories from sorcery, Madison invites Hailey and Alyssa to her house to help them as well as serve them a delicious breakfast, which they haven't gotten to enjoy in years.

Not long after does Master Beau abduct Madison along with Jasmine, Destiny, and Hailey, Alyssa's cousin. Madison does as much as possible to help defeat Master Beau.

Once back in New Jersey, Madison has Alyssa, Hailey, Kathleen (Hailey's grandma) and Donald (Hailey's grandpa) at her house for the housewarming party. She also attends Alyssa's 13th birthday bash a couple weeks later.

As time goes by, she and Alyssa drift apart, although remain connected on social media. Madison becomes passionate about reading and graduates as an English major from a New Jersey in 2019.

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