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  • Sunayna Prasad

I Can Turn Clichés into More Original Ideas

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

While pretty much everything has been done before, some ideas are too overdone, according to the general public. Some of those include phrases, metaphors, descriptions, and types of creatures or humanoids.

When I researched for my fantasy stories, I came across how so many typical elements, such as dragons, are considered overdone. So, I made up my own magical entities in my writing.

One cliché I used, however, was having wizards in my novels. But there are no old ones with long white beards in long robes. The magicians are also modern and even post-modern at times. They have their own technology far more advanced than the regular kinds in my books.

Another overdone element I’ve included in my series is a skeleton character. In fact, in early drafts, he was more of a stereotypical skeleton where he was pure evil and carried a scythe. But as I learned more about the writing craft and discovered that pure-evil villains don’t often work (they probably can sometimes), I softened the skeleton’s personality. I’ve developed him to be depressed and insecure about his appearance as well as make him desperate to be human. I’ve also made him afraid of dogs. And no, not because he is built with bones.

Those are just some of the changes I’ve incorporated into the clichés. You could do it, too.

That being said, some clichés sell. Some people enjoy clichés, depending on their ages, interests, and other demographics.

Many young girls will enjoy unicorns, mermaids, and princesses in medieval or olden settings. Many men and older boys (and even females) will continue to enjoy action-packed stories with cars, superheroes, and lots of fighting.

Overall, not everything considered overdone should stay out of stories or altered to originality. However, research matters when it comes to writing, whether it’s prose, scripts, or anything.

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