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Welcome to my corner of the magical world! I am a dedicated children's book author, specializing in weaving enchanting fantasy tales that ignite the imaginations of young readers. My books are designed to transport children to fantastical realms where adventure, wonder, and life lessons await at every turn I am passionate about world-building as well as fantasy and magic. I especially like reading fantasy books as well as creating original magical creatures and other enchanted elements. I also like to blog, cook, draw, and get active.

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Martha Custis

Coming in strong as the second book of Alyssa McCarthy’s Magical Mission Series, A Curse of Mayhem by author Sunayna Prasad continues the saga of Alyssa’s mishaps with magic.
After a period of peaceful life, Alyssa is cursed once again and her magical powers are completely out of control. All the while she is trying to navigate life at a new school and get all of her community service hours in.
The book is entertaining and fun to read and follows seamlessly from the first book. I appreciated the way Prasad makes Alyssa both endearing and aggravating at the same time, creating a very real feel to her personality.
Overall, a great read especially for lovers of the first book, A Curse of Mayhem is sure to be enjoyed by readers of all ages.
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