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I started writing stories at around six years old.  I wrote until the age of ten, when I took a break from it. I returned to writing stories at about sixteen years old. Ever since then, I enjoyed creating books, particularly for children.


I have always been passionate about fantasy, especially with a modern twist. I have read bestsellers, like the Harry Potter series, which gave me a lot of inspiration for my books. Movies, especially Disney classics, also inspire the content of my stories.

My goal is to help kids escape into a whole new fantastical world, especially if they are going through tough times. 

I have lived a difficult life due to having a disability, where people would treat me unequally and not understand my differences. Despite the rocky road I grew up on, I ended up in a happy place during my early 20's.

So, no matter how rough your life or situations may be, positive outcomes can happen. Never give up.

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