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  • Sunayna Prasad

Job Opportunities

I sat on our summer home porch. Night fell as I stared at my father’s submarine. He lost his life from a bee sting two days ago.

My mother came out and removed her diamond ring. She sat with me. “Sarah, we’ve got to give up this house.”

I opened my mouth. “What?”

“I don’t think I can afford it anymore.” My mom sniffled. “I don’t even know if I can hold a job much longer.” She burst into tears.

I petted her back. “I’m already sixteen. I can try and help support our family.”

“No, you can’t.”

“Holly recommended a position for me at her orchard last week.” I referred to my best friend. “I can make this work, Mom.”

My mom breathed. “If you think so.”

“Thanks.” I stood up and returned inside. I packed my belongings. Tears stung my eyes as I thought about my dad. Who would take his submarine? And would we ever get this summer home back—or any summer house in general?

After I finished packing, I followed my brother, Timothy, downstairs.

“Sarah, is it true that Holly is going to give you a job?” Timothy asked.

“She said she might.”

“How do you know you’re going to get it?”

“Well, I have known Holly since kindergarten.”

“That doesn’t mean anything.”

“You’re only twelve, and you met your best friend in third grade since he was new then.”

“Why does that matter to you?”

“Because I’ve known Holly longer!”

Timothy stared at me. “Gee, Sarah. You need to relax.”

“I can’t. Not without Dad.”

“Please stop.” Timothy’s eyes watered.

My phone rang. I answered to Holly.

“Hey, Sarah, sorry to hear about your father.”

“Thanks, Holly.”

“Anyway, I’ve got some bad news too.”


“The job I offered you isn’t available anymore.”

I gasped.

“My cousin took over it.”

“Holly, how could you do such a thing?”

“We needed someone as soon as possible.”


“Sorry, Sarah, but you’ll just have to look for something else.” Holly hung up.

I looked down and sighed.

“I told you,” Timothy said.

“Shut up!” I inhaled and exhaled.

My mother returned inside. “Kids, are you all packed up and ready to go?”

“Wait, we’re moving out tonight?” asked Timothy.

“Yes,” said my mom. “Sarah, did you hear from Holly?”

I nodded. “But she gave the position to someone else.”

My mom gasped. “No.”

Her phone rang. She answered it.

I tuned out, assuming that it had nothing to do with me. But my mom looked at me. “Sarah, Mrs. Johnson has a job opening for you.”

I opened my mouth. My mother’s friend offering me a job opportunity?

“All right then. Thank you, Martha.” My mom hung up. “Sarah, Mrs. Johnson expects you next week.”

“Why not sooner?” I asked.

“Because she has to take care of other things,” my mother said. “But we may get this house back.”

I smiled.

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