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Alyssa is 23! Let's Go Down Memory Lane

She turned 13 in "The Frights of Fiji", but the events of that story took place 10 years ago, in 2010.

Can you believe it? The young orphaned heroine is all grown up. The 10th anniversary of the events in "The Frights of Fiji" is almost done. The decade-long mark began last month on March 18th. I planned to post something about the 10th anniversary, but must've forgot.

Anyway, here is a time line of 23 milestones of her life.

Warning: spoilers!

1: April 17th, 1997: Alyssa is born in Spikeville, New Jersey.

2: July 12th, 1997: Alyssa is baptized.

3: December 1st, 2001: Alyssa is surprised with a rabbit and she gets to name it. She chooses to call it Ring Ding.

4: May 18th, 2002: Alyssa re-baptized, and Alex Kress, her mom's ex-boyfriend, is named godfather to her.

5: September 2nd, 2002: Alyssa starts kindergarten/grade school.

6: February 7th, 2003: Alyssa discovers she's mildly allergic to peanuts.

7: January 15th, 2005: Alyssa loses her parents in a car crash and is orphaned.

8: January 16th, 2005: Alyssa attends her parents' wake.

9: January 17th, 2005: Alyssa attends her parents' funeral.

10: March 20th, 2005: Alyssa had her first holy communion.

11: February 14th, 2007: Alyssa loses her aunt, Laura.

12: February 17th, 2007: Alyssa attends Aunt Laura's wake and funeral.

13: June 25th, 2009: Alyssa finishes elementary school (6th grade).

14: March 18th, 2010: Alyssa discovers magic's existence.

15: Late March 2010: Alyssa overthrows Master Beau Duchamp.

16: April 17th, 2010: Alyssa turns 13, gets reunited with her godfather, Alex, and has a birthday party, something she hadn't done in years.

17: October 16th, 2010: Alyssa is cursed with uncontrollable magic powers by a skeleton.

18: November 4th, 2010: Alyssa defeats the skeleton.

19: May 21st, 2011: Alyssa receives confirmation at church

20: June 2011: Alyssa finishes middle school (eighth grade), and something surprising happens to her.

21: May 17th, 2014: Alyssa gets her driver's license.

22: June 13th, 2015: Alyssa graduates high school.

23: May 20th, 2019: Alyssa graduates college.

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