• Sunayna Prasad

Facts About Alyssa The Main Character

Warning: spoilers!

1: She likes blueberry muffins

2: She outgrew her peanut allergy in the middle of eighth grade (2010 - 2011)

3: While she's happy when she finally gets to live with her godfather, Alex, she also craves a motherly figure since she's a girl. However, she never finds one. She tries to find a maternal figure in Alex's mom, especially since she is willing to certain stuff she'd be too embarrassed to purchase with Alex. Sadly, Mrs. Kress can be rigid and difficult. Alyssa also finds Alex's younger cousin Annelise (only 10 years older than Alyssa) tiring since she talks a lot about acting and her girlfriend (Annelise has Asperger's).

4: She joins kick-line in high school.

5: After she graduates high school, she commutes to college.

6: In her third year fall semester, Alyssa gained a little weight in he belly, but lost it by the spring of 2018.

7: I picture Alyssa wearing belts with her pants and why: in the fall of 2009, when Alyssa was 12, she, Uncle Bruce, and her cousin, Hailey went grocery shopping, and Uncle Bruce made Alyssa get something from the bottom shelf. However, her pants came down a bit and Uncle Bruce described her underwear in front of everybody else (who also stared), and thus, humiliated her. As soon as she and her relatives return home, Alyssa puts on a belt and tells Uncle Bruce not to embarrass her like that again. His reaction is that if she wants that, then he recommends belts since he claimed what he saw wasn't appropriate.

8: When Alyssa had her 14th birthday in 2011, her godfather, Alex, only allowed her to invite 3 friends since she already was getting a laptop, confirmation party, and graduation sleepover.

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