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Fun Facts about "The Frights of Fiji"

Updated: Apr 4

Jasmine Wilson and her family are Indian Christian. I said that in earlier drafts, but it didn't make it to the final cut.

Where is Mr. Wilson, you might ask? He and Mrs. Wilson divorced when Jasmine was eight and Leon was two.

The name of the Kaitlyn Jennings's friend at the housewarming party is Meghan.

The name of Alex's deceased girlfriend was Chandler Day.

Scooter, Alex's dog, was a couple weeks away from turning 1.

Simon the English marble figure was inspired by the cupids in Night at the Museum 2.

Alex, Alyssa's godfather, was inspired by Sirius Black from Harry Potter.

Alyssa was developed like the Disney princesses.

Hailey was developed like my brother at the time I first wrote Book 1 in my late teens.

Madison was developed like one of my cousins.

Destiny was developed like Cinderella's stepsisters.

Mathias was developed like one of my uncles.

Rosaline's name was borrowed from Romeo and Juliet.

Originally, Uncle Bruce was going to be an alcoholic. I'm glad I changed that.

Book 1 took about a year and three quarters to complete the first time.

All the magical creatures, except the wizards, are my own original creations.

Regulus the marshakeet's name was borrowed from Harry Potter.

Lorraine, Mrs. Hutchinson's first name, was borrowed from Lorraine Hansberry, author of A Raisin in the Sun.

The magical creatures were inspired by different wildlife in Australia.

A couple people have compared Mrs. Hutchinson to Aunt Petunia from Harry Potter. However, Aunt Petunia had no influence on Mrs. Hutchinson at all. That was probably just a coincidence.

The opening scene of this book being similar to that of the first Harry Potter was completely unintentional and coincidental. It wasn't until I reread that book that I discovered the similar opening.

The sleeping spell where sand spurts out of a wand was inspired by the sandman legend.

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