• Sunayna Prasad

How Wizards Hide Their Magic from Ordinaries

Wizards and non-magical beings share the same world. However, they also are similar in a lot of ways. Not only do magicians want to be like regular people, but they also blend in certain things to hide their magic's existence.

There is a long history of how wizards keep their supernatural abilities, items, and everything else secret from ordinary people. But that will be for another post.

While magicians sometimes keep certain places invisible to non-enchanted individuals, they also blend other areas or things in with regular appearances or disguise them. They may even have charms that make regular beings assume that the area is restricted and make them walk past the section. All magical places, such as zoos, schools (students do NOT study wizardry there), businesses, and more require special IDs for entry. Only magical IDs are allowed, although occasionally, people may bring notes for emergency reasons as long as wizards wrote them.

While magical technology is shown to ordinary people, like Alyssa McCarthy and others in the books, wizards are actually supposed to keep it secret. In fact, before Alyssa discovers sorcery in "The Frights of Fiji", magicians were (and still technically are) required to mask their electronics as regular kinds. That means any enchanted apps they may have become unavailable. If a non-magical being needs to enter a wizard's home, the owner must activate a switch inside their wall that disguises the interior as an ordinary kind.

Wizard children are also taught early in life not to discuss magic outside their homes, the same way real kids are taught not to talk to strangers or call adults by their first names (although there are bends here and there with all three). They also learn how to keep their world secret by masking the magical item names to the ordinary kinds and how to answer questions that interfere with their magic secrets (i.e. "Because my parents want me to," or "I don't know"). These are learned in their homes, as well.

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