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If "Magical Missions" Characters were Sorted into Hogwarts Houses

I've been seeing a lot of people sorting fictional characters into Hogwarts houses online. So, I am going to do the same.

This post has no affiliation to "Harry Potter". This is only for pleasure and playing pretend. These are also just estimates.

Let's begin with the kids:

Alyssa: Gryffindor (she is brave, although doesn't always make the right decisions)

Hailey: Hufflepuff (she remains loyal to Alyssa and others as well)

Madison: Slytherin (she loses things, but will try everything she can to find them)

Destiny: Slytherin (she tries to get what she wants, even when she can't)

Jasmine: Ravenclaw (she is intelligent and talented, especially in basketball and horseback riding)

Sydney: Gryffindor (she is brave enough to be firm with her friends, even during tough times)

Lily: Hufflepuff (she is loyal and kind to others)

Krystal: Slytherin (she is ambitious to make her appearances as best as possible)

Zachary: Hufflepuff (He is loyal to others, particularly Alyssa)

More to come for the child characters...stay tuned...

Now onto the adults (excluding the bad ones, like Master Beau, or minor ones, like Mrs. Wilson)

Mrs. Hutchinson: Slytherin (she is ambitious in getting Alyssa and Hailey to work their butts off)

Uncle Bruce: Slytherin (he will do everything to restrict Alyssa and Hailey)

Simon: Ravenclaw (he knows a lot about different topics)

Isabelle: Gryffindor (she has the guts to put Master Beau under a spell so that she can save Alyssa)

Mathias: Hufflepuff (he isn't very bright, but he remains loyal)

Alex: Hufflepuff (he is sweet, kind, and loyal)

Mr. Godfrey: Ravenclaw (he is intelligent in coming up with creative ways to help his students get the best grades possible)

Mr. Tansill: Slytherin (he does everything he can to make students follow school rules)

More to come for the adults, too...stay tuned...

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