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  • Sunayna Prasad

Magic Limits in "Magical Missions"

Updated: May 14, 2021

Magic plays an important role in this series. After all, it is fantasy. However, it's not without its limits. See what's impossible with wizardry in "Magical Missions".

I have yet to address more in later installments. However, for now, here are the impossibilities with magic in my series world so far.

1: Transfiguration – No form of magic can turn anything or entity into something else. For example, a person could not turn into a toad.

2: Falling in Love – Sorry all you love potion fanatics, but no kind of magic in my books can make people or animals fall in love.

3: Time Travel – Too many people, too many different pasts—no type of magic allows anybody to travel back in time.

4: Body Possessing – Except for the dark magic that curses others to make you loyal to the wizard casting the spell, no entity can take over someone’s body.

5: Body Switching – No organism can switch places with another, unlike in other franchises.

6: Creating Living Things Out of Thin Air – Eager to see someone create their own rabbit or something? Sorry. Not happening in “Magical Missions”. Magic cannot create living things. They can, however, create artificial entities that function like living things. But those don’t last more than a few days.

7: Bringing anything to life – Except for the reincarnation acid that can revive certain deceased wizard souls, no form of magic can reawaken the dead, bring a drawing to life, or anything else (sorry, Alyssa).

8: Anything with money, except paying online – Wizards can scan cash as a way to pay for things on their wizarding Internet. However, the cash loses value after. No kind of sorcery can create money out of thin air, make it appear or disappear, or add more money.

9: Creating expensive things one doesn’t already own – This is one of the only limitations addressed in the books so far. Want to see a wizard create his or her own computer? Sorry to bring your hopes down. That’s just not possible in the series world.

10: Aging Forward or Backwards – Want to see someone turn older or younger. Sorry. Not possible in “Magical Missions”.

11: Making non-magical people, plants, or animals appear – while magic can transport enchanted creatures, it cannot teleport anything not magical, such as a dog. It also can’t make human wizards, no matter their ages or skill levels, appear.

12: Fixing or altering anything to the five senses – No form of wizardry can interfere or change (for the better or worse) eyesight, smell, taste, hearing, or touch to any entity.

13: Impersonaide Potion – Only human adult wizards, 18 and over, can have the potion turn them into another being. They can only turn into other living adult wizards up to fifteen years older than them or five years younger than them if under 28. Then the younger side becomes a ten-year limit. If a child or non-magical person tries it, nothing will work.

14: Predicting the future – no form of wizardry can help someone predict the future.

15: Unblocking blocked contacts – That can’t work with either enchanted or ordinary technology.

16: Creating certain types of food – while most edible items can be conjured out of nothing, there are exceptions:

-Illegal foods or those not authorized in a certain country

-Overly complex foods, such as wedding cakes, as they involve a lot of steps and customization. Only the ingredients can be created.

-Raw meats, since living things, including salmonella, can’t be magically conjured.

-Trademarked items, unless they have public-domain replicas. Only the public-domain kinds can be created.

-If a place forbids food or outside food, they can block the spell for creating it.

17: Curing diseases or conditions – with a few magical exceptions if done indirectly, such a Zooefortus (which happens in “The Frights of Fiji”), magic can’t cure anything medical-related, especially if it’s not from sorcery.

18: Making one Lucky - No form of wizardry and give anyone a ton of good luck.

19: Creating books, board games, playing-cards, physical movies, video games, or TV shows out of thin air - Wizards cannot create physical entertainment out of thin air for copyright reasons.

20: Cloning people or vehicles - there is too much complexity with both. Only small, simple items can be multiplied.

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