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Most Memorable Quotes from Books 1 and 2

As the author, there are some quotes from my "Magical Missions" series that I like to repeat to myself a lot.

So, without further ado, here are the best lines, so far:

Warning: spoilers!

Book 1: The Frights of Fiji

“By ‘that guy,’ you mean Mr. Steinberg,” Uncle Bruce said.

“But, Dad, you can’t text and drive,” Hailey said.

“Plus, nothing really blooms here on the first day of spring anyway.” - Jasmine Wilson

“Kaitlyn Faye Jennings, if you complain, I’m taking your pancakes,” Mrs. Jennings said.

“Yes,” he said, “although I’d prefer Master Beau, if you don’t mind.”

“Oh, Isabelle, stop being such a neat freak,” said Mathias.

“Don’t talk balderdash with me.” Simon crossed his arms.

“Why can’t you create pancakes, waffles, French toast—stuff like that?” asked Destiny.

“Look, Simon’s in trouble, and if we don’t try and save him—we might never be able to go back home again.” - Alyssa McCarthy

“Well, if someone’s in trouble, we sometimes have to take risks,” said Alyssa. “You see that in movies a lot.”

“Well, Alyssa, movies aren’t like real life,” Jasmine said.

“Madison, parties are supposed to be fun,” Kaitlyn said. “You’re literally being a party pooper.”

“Shut up, Kaitlyn,” muttered Madison.

Book 2: A Curse of Mayhem

“Stupid wind messed up my hair.” - Krystal Gordillo

“Yeah, parties are all about fun.” Lily beamed.

“Hey—no growling,” Alex hissed.

“You brought a bee to class?!” - Mr. Tansill

“You now have detention, after school today and tomorrow.” - Mr. Tansill

“Alyssa, I…I’m afraid I had to give you an F on your project,” Mr. Godfrey said.

“Don’t tell me I’m in trouble.” - Alyssa McCarthy

“Hey, dudette.” Zachary approached Alyssa.

“Why don’t you go pick on some other kid?” - Alyssa McCarthy

“Well, who’s going to steal a corpse? That’s disgusting.” - Alyssa McCarthy

“Thanks for the ride.” Lily jumped out of the backseat.

“It wasn’t me; I swear! Nothing came out of my hands! It had to be Errol!” - Alyssa McCarthy

“Leave me alone, I’m dangerous!” - Alyssa McCarthy

“Alyssa, I said no TV.” - Alex Kress

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