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  • Sunayna Prasad

Why I Will Narrate My Own Audiobooks From Now On

I’ve worked with ACX to have audio versions of my books performed since some sites say that they could increase sales. So, I submitted the manuscripts to it.

However, I canceled 2 of the audiobooks. One of them was because I’d taken that book off of the market since I wasn’t exactly the right person to compose it. Another was because the narrator did not voice some of my characters believably.

One of them is still on the market. However, I also want to remove that. While some of the characters were voiced well enough (and a few exactly to my envision), one of the characters sounded nothing like how I envisioned his tones and mannerisms. This character (my protagonist’s godfather and guardian) is supposed to be sweet, nurturing, and gentle, as well as enthusiastic when he’s in a good mood. Unfortunately, the narrator portrayed him sounding pretty much the opposite.

A couple of times, I asked the narrator to redo 2 chapters since that character talked to my MC angrily when she was upset, which is not like him. So, she had him sound calmer. But he sounded exhausted to me, as well.

There is also a long chapter where something a lot worse happens to my MC, where she cries into the other character and lays on his lap later. When she tells him that she didn’t get to eat breakfast, he says that he doesn’t want her skipping another meal, that she should eat something, but it doesn’t have to be heavy. While I pictured that soundly softly, the narrator made him sound angry, which is completely out of character for him, especially in that particular situation. In fact, it’s out of character for him in general.

I would have asked the narrator to redo that line. However, this was a long chapter, so she’d have to read the entire thing again. Therefore, I refrained from requesting the change.

But that’s bugged me since then, even now. I even recorded my own version of the specific line where the godfather says it softly and sent it to the narrator.

I have also asked her to cancel publication of the audiobook, especially since it was not really selling. Sadly, she declined.

Nevertheless, I am still going to produce the audiobooks myself and eventually publish them - the entire series. I already started with the first book. This is the only way where the characters’ voices and tones will match my specific envisions.

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