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  • Sunayna Prasad

Don’t be Shy and Give it a Try: Research by Asking Real People

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

With research, you look for more than just the craft rules. Those include the setting your story takes place, the laws of that society, and much more.

While I have researched common things like how detention works in schools, one thing I needed to learn more about involved a minor backstory error in both the first and second installments of my novels.

However, I am resolving it by adding a twist to that mistake in the third book. It will reveal how that incorrect statement had been false the whole time.

If you can’t find anything relevant to the research needed for your project, sometimes it is best to ask someone who is an expertise in that specific field. Just give him or her enough information about your project as well as your question. I did that for the little error I made in my books due to not performing careful research on it.

You can also join writing forums for help, as well. The one I participate in when I have questions has a research section. That is where I asked about things I had to know, and would be harder to seek through Google.

That is also where I found out how detention works in schools, since in my series’ second installment, my main character lands in it. However, I never got detention in school, which is obviously a good thing. But I still received useful answers.

Another topic I needed to learn more about was how much stress it would take for somebody to end up in shock. Unlike the detention subject, though, this element did not make it into my first book, where it was intended to go.

While the Internet may be there 24/7 (for the most part), you can always ask real people for research questions whether it’s one person or on a forum.

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Apr 24, 2022

Has this been harder as pandemic restrictions have eased?


Apr 18, 2022

a great way to get info and find out interesting facts about life.


Mar 10, 2022

Its always good to ask someone who has had more experience with what you are looking at


Ron Ablang
Ron Ablang
Mar 06, 2022

I actually do already use this advice in regards to employees in the workplace. What better way to know how an industry or workplace works than by asking those who have been in it for decades?


Jamie Martin
Jamie Martin
Mar 05, 2022

I'd be willing to reach out to others for more info, but I'm kinda shy.

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