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  • Sunayna Prasad

Why I Shouldn’t Rush Your Writing

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

I am often eager to finish my story or whatever else I'm working on ASAP. I get it. Many other writers probably dream of having a good story within as little time as possible.

However, I ended up rushing the draft of a certain novel I've written. And I realized how flawed it was. While I could easily distinguish my characters, an editor said that they pretty much sounded all the same, except for the protagonist. I had aimed for at least 40,000 words, but ended up with around 32,000.

I’ve always been inspired easily. When I researched how to write a book faster, I tried the techniques, but they resulted in little to no success. I’ve even envied authors who could write several thousands of words a day as well as those who could work on different writing projects at once, which I am teaching myself to do as I don’t want my book series to take forever.

Regardless, I realized that it was a mistake to rush my story draft within a few weeks. Another reason you shouldn’t hurry your writing is that you get errors and may not notice them until it’s too late, no matter how many times you read your writing. I have spotted typos in things I wrote, whether they were stories or blog posts, a year after I published them. No kidding.

So, unless I have a tight deadline that isn’t flexible, I will take my time with my writing, regardless of the length or topic.

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